My take on Helvetica: A Documentary Film

Front of DVD cover

After watching “Helvetica”, a documentary film about a font, I was inspired to come out with a DVD cover with it and this was a design I came up with. The concept was inspired by Rene Magritte’s, The Treachery of Images:

“This is not a pipe” (translation of the line in French)

In my design, it reads “a copy of Helvetica”, and read literally it just means a copy of the film Helvetica, but the text is actually set in Arial, which was historically created as a cheap copy of Helvetica. So the text acquires a secondary meaning. In order to make the design a little more blatant, the back cover of the DVD had a link that educated people on spotting the real Helvetica:fakehelveticaback1

Back of DVD cover

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