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Eating Together: The Design of Sharing Food in a Connected World

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How and what does it mean to eat together today? My partner and I present Eating Together: The Design of Sharing Food in a Connected World, an exhibition that examines the objects, systems and spaces that help us share food today. 

Commissioned for the inaugural FoodCine.ma 2016, this showcase presents 15 objects, speculative designs and installations that arise out of observations of how design facilitates the ways we eat together in Singapore. Whether it is consuming forever “fresh” food, having meals at our hawker centres, dining in both life and death, or eating with digital devices, we invite visitors to look at eating beyond a mere ingestion of food, but as a consumption of values and cultures. 

Now on at Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Film until 22nd May, 2016. More details on our Facebook event page.

Singapore’s Anonymous Design Studio on How to Survive in Business: Realllly Try

Instant noodles are a key ingredient in the decade-long story of communication design studio Anonymous. It kept founders Felix Ng and Germaine Chong alive for a week while they waited for clients to pay their bills. But even before that low point in their early design days, instant noodles imparted a key lesson in design for the fledgling Singapore studio.

On their first-ever trip to Tokyo, Ng and Chong were astonished by the packaging design for some dry instant noodles they saw at a convenience store. Typically these bowls have just one opening for pouring hot water both in and out to cook the noodles, requiring an awkward balance to keep the noodles in. But the Japanese package had a separate perforated opening just for draining out the water.

It seems simple enough, but this was a revelation for Ng. “Very often, what we create as designers is invisible. It’s there. It helps make my life easier, but you don’t even realize it’s there,” he said in a Skype interview. “I want to do work that, in a way, is slightly invisible but has a point to it.” (Inspiration for their studio name, perhaps?)

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A Design Film Festival Grows Up

Having skipped organizing A Design Film Festival in Singapore last year, Anonymous is returning this June to prove its naysayers wrong.

While the festival travelled to Portland, USA, last year, many said it could never happen again in Singapore after their venue sponsor Old School, where the first two editions were held, closed down. But encouraged by festival-goers who asked for its return to Singapore, Anonymous is bringing home this “fun project” it started in 2010, which uses film to showcase design to the public.

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