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When We Play: Playgrounds in Asia

The rapid urbanisation of Asia has spurred the growth of play spaces where children and communities can experience, learn and reimagine urban life. This five-part documentary series commissioned by Channel NewsAsia and created by FreeState Productions examines how play spaces impact on the communities they are built for and the urban environments they exist in. Each hour-long episode journeys through playgrounds across Asian cities, including Bangkok, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Sapporo, Seoul, Suncheon, Singapore, Tainan and Taipei.

    1. Memories and Play
    2. Community and Play
    3. Let the Children Play
    4. Play for All
    5. The Future of Play

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Fashion Fashion to Lighting Design: Chihiro Tanaka

Japanese designer Chihiro Tanaka is a self-proclaimed “Light Couturier” who creates delicately crafted lighting inspired by his training in fashion. Having recently been named a Rising Asian Talent by MAISON&OBJET ASIA, Justin Zhuang finds out how he arrived at the bright idea to blend the craft and techniques of two different disciplines.

How did you go from studying at Japan’s first dress-making school, Bunka Fashion College, to designing lighting?

I have a fairly extensive knowledge of fashion and textile design, so I thought if I could use and apply this expertise in a brand new field that I knew nothing of it would lead to something innovative. Lighting equipment involves work to verify its safety and durability, so entering the market is quite difficult. But that difficulty stimulated my curiosity and I plunged into this unknown world.

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