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Architecture and Arts

“I find that when two or three minds come together, there is always an element of doubt that will encourage a different way of thinking.”
— Ko Shiou Hee, K2LD

Why did you move into this studio last year and how did you find this space?

We had outgrown our previous space where we were for about eight years. Although we liked it a lot because there was a courtyard and it was cosy, having the office split into two floors made communication a bit of a problem. It was a miracle finding this space. I had been on a lookout for one in the city centre for two years. One day, I found myself driving into this district for some reason and while trying to make my way out, I decided to stop at the street outside this office and I saw a sign that says this space was ‘For Rent’. I came up to find that it wasn’t just one, but three units! I took down the number, but it turned out to be the wrong one, although we eventually tracked down the owner. However, he wasn’t interested in selling at first. We were looking elsewhere when I received a call two months later saying that he was interested again. This time we got it at a much lower price.

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