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Where are Singapore’s Old Playgrounds today?

View Old Singapore Playgrounds in a larger map

Finally had some time to review my research on Singapore’s old playgrounds, and I’ve updated my Google Map with the 19 that are still standing today. The designs of these playgrounds were done between 1979 and 1993 when the HDB took it upon themselves to create and build their own playspaces as part of the public housing estate. Many of the designs were inspired by local culture, and took on a secondary role of becoming visual icons for Singaporeans.

The playgrounds that came after, and have become what we recognised today, are imported from overseas instead. They are cheaper to build, easier to maintain, and generally more innovative in design because they are created by global companies who have the scale to invest in research and development.

I’ve also found images of other playgrounds designs that no longer exist and I’m trying to see how to piece all this together for some kind of article/book. Hopefully, I can get something out by the end of this year. Meanwhile, if you chance by any old playgrounds that I’ve not located on my map, please write to me!

Uniquely Singapore – Distinctively London?

Could a city’s uniqueness be found in its most generic and banal spaces? This is what Generi-City, a project that I was recently involved in, attempts to investigate through a series of photos comparing six spaces in Singapore with similar ones in London. I worked together with London-based correspondent Chong Lingxiu to explore eating spaces in the two cities. The project is headed by Calvin Chua and Johnny Gao who I’m grateful for roping me in.

You can see the result of our investigation at an exhibition in London between 16 to 19 September 2010 as part of The London Design Festival. It might also travel to another gallery there before coming to Singapore in October as part of ArchiFest 2010. Do check it out if you’re free!