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I got my issue of GOOD in the mail today and just browsing through it got me excited about reading a magazine all over again. This issue looks at water and as always it presents the issues as well as a range of progressive ideas on how to solve the problem. But it also adds a touch of irreverence such as a graphical history of the water gun.

Content-aside, what really takes it home for me is how witty and playful the copy-editing and design is. With headlines like “Hope Floats” and “Wave Goodbye”, the magazine is flooded with this issue’s theme.

Check out this playful design device in the magazine (look closely, it’s very subtle):


Did you see the water level rising progressively?

If this wows you, wait till you see what they did in the last issue for the theme on recession.

It’s not just the magazine that impresses me, but what GOOD stands for too. It takes a Creative Commons approach to content licensing, taking up exclusive rights for only 120 days after publication.  And in the spirit of the magazine’s progressive philosophy, every dollar of subscription is matched by GlobalGiving to the organisation of your choice. It’s a pity this magazine is currently unavailable in newsstands in Singapore, but you can get it online by subscribing and know you’re doing GOOD and getting some GOOD too.

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  1. shu says:

    this one’s absolutely ace!! the cohesiveness of the mag is to-die-for — either the writers work really closely w the graphic designers, or the case of a really brilliant art director!

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