I wanted to be an astronaut

My parents used to buy me Lego sets during my birthdays and Christmas and I always insisted on selecting one from its space series. These are covers from a Lego series around 1990 that I used to have. The Lego pieces are no longer with me, but I found the boxes chucked away in a corner of the house today.

I once thought I could be an astronaut. And, my parents never discouraged me, nor let me in on reality. So I dreamt, until I discovered Singapore had no space station.

Well, it still amazes me how Lego sets are actually just made up of simple designs of building blocks that can lead to endless possibilities. Today, I also realise how privileged I was to have had access to these expensive toys. It’s also struck me that conceptually Lego is like modern life — only those who can afford it have the blocks to build their own dreams.

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