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Not been able to ramble as much here as I used to because I’ve been busy writing for other publications. As a writer, you’re always happy to be published by others because it’s an affirmation that your work is in demand (at least by editors, not sure about readers). But at the same time, it means having to compromise to other peoples’ agendas and not being able to tell stories or bits or parts of it that matter to you or audiences other than those wanted by publications.

A quick round-up of what I’ve been up to thus far:

  • Contributed a small piece about “Danger-Keep Out”, a sign around this city that has fascinated me for some time now
  • Interviewed the photographer Nguan, whose dreamy pictures makes you take a second look at the world around you
  • Running FIVEFOOTWAY, a magazine about Asian cities. It’s been crazy, but fun figuring out how to run something digitally and figuring out who we are. We’re involved in two events this weekend: YAL Mash-up and Surprise Stove
  • Getting back to reporting and covering the ground with Wall Street Journal Scene Asia, most recently with a write-up on A Design Film Festival. I did a story on Old School too, but not sure why it’s not up yet.
  • Editing the commemorative book for the President’s Design Award
  • Working on the fifth issue of The Design Society Journal. I think the magazine’s been around enough such that we’re starting to get a line-up of contributors!
  • Finishing up the book on the history of graphic design in Singapore, INDEPENDENCE: The history of graphic design in Singapore since the 1960s

There have been several things on my mind that I’ve yet to find the time or an avenue to cover. Hope to get them off my mind (and chest) before 2012 arrives!

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