National Museum of Singapore Logo

While working on a upcoming book on the history of graphic design in Singapore, I came across this really beautiful logo of the National Museum of Singapore on a poster for an event in 1993.


Do you see the inspiration for the logo? I have no clue when the logo was designed and who did it. But since the museum underwent a massive renovations and re-opened in 2006, it has adopted this logo instead.

This definitely looks contemporary, and also allows the National Museum of Singapore to use it even if it moves out of its iconic building. But that’s also why I prefer the earlier logo — it visually situates the museum to an architecture that I recognise as Singapore!


  1. T Shahrum T Onn says:

    HI Justin,

    Regarding the designer of this logo, it is very likely to have been designed by Mr. Zev Vez Tay. He was the Head of the Design Unit till his retirement in 1998.

  2. T Shahrum T Onn says:

    The old NMS logo seceded when the National Museum Singapore changed to Singapore HIstory Museum under the umbrella of the National Heritage Board (around 1993), which had its logo designed by Duet Design.

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