Retracing the Jurong railway line extension

Clementi Road

I recently went on a trek led by the Singapore Adventurers’ Club to retrace the Jurong railway line extension. It was built in the 1960s to freight supplies from Malaysia to the newly established Jurong Industrial Estate and branched out from the existing railway line just after the Bukit Timah station. By the 1990s, a declining usage of this extension led to its shutdown and this segment of the railway line was abandoned and left to be reclaimed by nature, squatters and most recently, the state.

By July this year, the railway’s station at Tanjong Pagar station will be relocated to Woodlands as part of a land swap deal between the Singapore and Malaysia governments. Now the question on the minds of many, is what will happen to the existing railway line and lands? The Nature Society (Singapore) has put up an interesting proposal to reclaim it as a ‘green corridor’, but it may already be too late.

Read about the latest development on Reclaim Land and retrace a railway now filled with the wonders of nature, forgotten communities, and memories of Singapore’s yesteryear.

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