Space for Expansion

“This space makes Singapore more livable for me.” 
— Caleb Ming, Surround Studio

Why rent an old run-down apartment to set up your studio?

I moved into this space six years ago when I started Surround. As you can see, it has a huge living room space that has no obstructions, no columns and is not odd-shaped. When I move around, it is big enough for me to do whatever I need such as setting up lights and props. Beyond just a space for shooting, I love how it looks visually. When I open the accordion doors, you can look beyond the balcony and out into the open. The old-style architecture of the space also gives you the feeling that you’re not living in modern day Singapore where most people live in rather small apartment units. The railings and floor tiles are also old — a style very much preserved from the ‘70s. This whole view gives me the feeling that I’m at rest — or at least when I first moved in. There’s a lot more development and construction work going on in the area now.

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