The return of craft in design?

Been interviewing graphic designers from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s recently for a project. One thing that always lights up their eyes is when I ask about how design was done before the era of computers. Their hands suddenly come alive as if to animate how design was done via traditional craft. Though they love how the computer has made life so much easier for them, they all insist how important it is to start sketching ideas with just a pencil and paper so as to not be limited by what the computer can do. Craft, they fear, is increasingly lost on a generation who grew up only knowing how to design through computers.

An upcoming conference in October plans to bring craft to the forefront of the creative process again. Crafty 2010 brings together nine creatives to share the role of craft in their designs. The speakers include Portland-based The Official Manufacturing Company,  The Glue Society from Australia, as well as local creatives such as B.A.L.L.S and Plate Interactive. To add suspense to the conference, there is even a secret speaker, whom according to one of the hints given is friends with Jay-z.



Those who sign up for this conference will also receive A Crafty Paper, a 44-page newsprint paper featuring interviews with 15 creatives such as Aaron Rose, Jessica Hische and Stanley Donwood. Crafty 2010 is organised by Anonymous, the research practice of local design agency SILNT. The team led by Felix Ng is also behind the recent Design Film Festival held earlier this year.

Conference tickets are going for $250 each till October 1st, after which it goes up to $300. The price seems to have put off some people, and the latest post on Anonymous Facebook post seems to suggest they may lower the price, so keep a look out there!

Crafty 2010
9 October 2010 (Saturday)
Conference: 0930 – 1700
Party: 1700 – 2100
Lasalle College of the Arts


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