Things I like/need to do in 2010

I’m not big on New Year resolutions, but I’m big on writing to-do and wish lists and sharing them.

The point of it is simple: it commits me to do it, and maybe, people can chip in ideas too.

  • Document public playgrounds
    My observation is that our public playgrounds are so bland, and, maybe even identical that our kids are bored to death. So, I’ll keep working on adding to this photo set.
  • Analyse our public transport signage design
    How did bus poles and signs look then? Why was there a recent redesign? Can we ever get as iconic as the New York subway system or the London Metro?
  • Keep Reclaim-ing Land
    I need to find stories, people and blog posts to continue documenting everyday practices of spatial resistance in Singapore. If people can see how little it takes to change things, big changes will come easier.
  • Celebrate the 45th anniversary of escalators coming to Singapore
    This devices made our society go faster, but not fast enough. Today, if you’re rushing, keep left. If you’re hyper-rushing, go right.
  • CCTV land: Who’s watching whom?
    They’re watching us everywhere. Today, I counted over 50 of them in one MRT station. What are they watching? And who’s watching them?
  • The City is Our Playground
    Document people who are re-imagining the city as their own place to play: skateboarders, parkour, flash mobs, street art
  • History of Immigration in Singapore
    To see Singapore as place that’s always been a land of the immigrants
  • Graduate Studies
    Where am I going? Cultural studies? Who’s paying? When am I going? What do I need to do?

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