Two reasons to love Singapore


The Straits Times published a special for Singapore’s 44th birthday this year: “44 reasons to love Singapore”, but two implicit reasons struck me after I saw the cover.

1) Companies love Singapore because economic sense is more important that nationhood. Before you sing that Happy Birthday song, insert a commercial.

2) How thoughtful to remind Singaporeans that the most convenient way to celebrate our nation’s birthday is to watch the parade over fast food! (I waited 1.5 hours for mine order)

And before you call me a party-pooper at our nation’s birthday and a senseless critic of our national newspaper, listen to James Fu, former press secretary to then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew:

“When you receive letters to correct errors and misrepresentation, it means we believe you can and will learn how your paper can retort without distortion and be de-gazetted. When you no longer receive any letters — whatever your misrepresentations — it means we have given you up.”

Happy Birthday Singapore!

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