Typefaces of Singapore Newspaper Nameplates

Here’s a list of the nameplates of Singapore’s english newspapers and what typefaces they use. I’ve also included popular contemporary references that also use the same typeface, maybe the choice of usage says something about the paper?


Typeface: Big Caslon (Straits Times)
You might have seen it: Foreign Affairs (headline) and The New Yorker (body text)

Typeface: Helvetica Neue (The New Paper)
You might have seen it: Everywhere (even a film made about it)


Typeface: Frutiger
You might have seen it: National University of Singapore


Typeface: Freight Sans (The Business Times)
You might have seen it: Reader’s Digest (logo)


Typeface: Myriad (my paper)
Also used by: Apple Inc


Typeface: TheSans
You might have seen it: Sprint


Typeface: Times New Roman
You might have seen it: Default font for Microsoft Word prior to Microsoft Office 2007

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