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“We think that a physical space where people of different disciplines can come together is easier for us to work in.” 
— Willie Koh, FARM

Why did FARM move here two years ago?

We were on the second storey of a quaint shop house at Selegie Road and we were looking for a bigger space when this came up. Then, we were packing in about 15 people, including those from two other creative agencies in a shophouse without many windows. We came to know that the previous tenant of this space, brand consultant Mindwasabi, wanted to move out, so we decided to take over their tenancy. We love the character of this space. Waterloo Centre is a public housing podium block, a typology that is not common in Singapore. Besides this, another one is Bras Basah Complex, where there are shops and retail businesses on the bottom few levels and residential houses above it. When we first came here, we were struck by the big ribbon-like window and the view of the trees and buildings. It was a very attractive space for us to create an open studio as it was just a big empty space. The location is interesting too because it’s in the district where the museums and art spaces are and it’s in central Singapore, so that’s good for us. This city centre is also constantly under rejuvenation and it’s interesting that more and more design companies are actually moving in here: there’s a 3D animation office, a photography studio…

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