A selection of articles and essays for various publications.





  • Design Archives Around the World (2015-)
    Eye on Design
    An on-going series on institutions and individuals around the world who are archiving graphic design and recording its histories.
  • Design50: Iconic Singapore Designs (2015)
    SG50 Pulse
    Four iconic Singapore designs over the decades.
  • Design History 101: Quietly Beautiful Work by the Illustrator Who Drew The Four Seasons Logo (2015)
    Eye on Design
    Putting Emil Antonucci into the annals of graphic design history.
  • Powering the Art of Design (2013)
    The Design Society Journal No. 07
    How the independent arts centre The Substation became a home for Singapore’s graphic designers.
  • A Vision Realised (2013)
    The Design Society Journal No. 06
    The role of the “20/20” exhibitions in establishing a “Singapore design” narrative.
  • School Crests Examination (2012)
    The Design Society Journal No. 05 
  • Dangers and Dragons (2012)
  • The Rides of their Lives (2012)
  • Vote For Me! (2011)
    The Design Society Journal No. 03
    The role of political ephemera in Singapore’s elections.
  • Where to Next? (2010)
    The Design Society Journal No. 01
    A survey on the evolution of public transport signage in Singapore.
  • A Design of its Time (2010)
    The Design Society Journal No. 00 
    Looking back at how The Straits Times has been redesigned over the decades.
  • Interview with The Design Society: 100 Icons Exhibition (2010)
    CNN Travel