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Thinking Ahead, Moving Forward

Entrances manned by security guards. Haphazardly placed paper signage for directions. Navigating endless tape to get in and out of buildings. Getting around the city can feel very much like entering a war zone nowadays. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only disrupted our everyday lives but our urban landscape too. The sudden need for new screening protocols has led to many makeshift solutions that have upended the design of places and fragmented them into ugly, awkward and even dead spaces.

While once regarded as temporary inconveniences, measures such as screening and social distancing look likely to become a permanent part of our everyday with cities planning to live with Covid-19 as an endemic disease. How they are integrated into our built environment needs to be re-examined lest they permanently remake the city into a fortress.

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To gather

With scarcer resources and the rise of sharing activities, how are people re-negotiating their relationships with urban spaces and each other? Interviews with exhibitions in the Singapore Pavilion at the 17th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition.

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Our Future, Our Home

How can we shape our built environments to meet our changing lifestyles for the future? The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced many fundamentals and facets of this city that we love and treasure, but it has also opened a new lens to thinking about our relationships with our built environment and how we can shape it to meet our changing needs for the future. Interviews with Randy Hunt, Sarah Ichioka, Studio Wills, Professor Ho Kong Chong and Cai Yinzhou.

➜ Read the full story in Skyline Magazine Issue 14