Creativity moves…

“There is a culture we try to develop where we share our thoughts and we can just make a shout to one another.”
— Stanley Yap, Splash Productions

What attracted you to this area and how did you find this space?

Basically its accessibility in terms of transport and a lot of people still consider it as central. It is central, but it is not too noisy. Compared to Bukit Merah, the food here is pretty good and much better. For a lot of our sales staff, it is easier for them to travel to and from meetings. I’ve worked in this same building before at my previous company. We scouted the Tanjong Pagar area and almost got a shophouse there. But we received an email about this area from a property site. It was perfect because it was big and at a central location. The only issue was air-conditioning but it seems to be ok with the number of air conditioners now. Some of us even find it too cold at times.

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