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Singapore Flag Draft B

“Later someone suggested that the State flag should be green in the background with a large white star. Of course, we felt that his demand was excessive. This kind of colour and design would have Islamised the flag.”

— S. RAJARATNAM in Dialogues with S. Rajaratnam

Singapore Flag Draft A

Over the next few days, I will be posting graphical interpretations of the drafts of the Singapore flag that the late Dr Toh Chin Chye and his committee would have gone through over two months in 1959 before deciding on the final design. “The red was supposed to represent the noble universal love and care of human beings in the world. The star was mainly supposed to be representing sincerity and integrity. Each corner of the star had to be a special symbol representing democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.

Originally the big star in the centre was supposed to be golden in colour. But in the initial colouring, because the golden colour could not be found, the artist for the time being had to use yellow for the star.”

— S. RAJARATNAM in Dialogues with S. Rajaratnam

Singapore On A4 #2 – Design the Singapore Flag


Based on a section of “Dialogues with S. Rajaratnam”, a book containing interviews with the former Minister of Culture compiled by Shin Min Daily News, this piece depicts how the design of the Singapore flag was guided by various political, religious and racial tensions then.