Designers Celebrate National Day!

The patriotic spirit is in the air as FARM announced yesterday that it was selling its specially designed NDPeople typeface. It was first developed for last year’s National Day Parade when FARM was directing its design and branding, and the typeface includes familiar nation icons like Merlion and Singa the Lion as well as figures from the parade military contingent and marching band. Just for the month of August, the typeface will be given away free with any purchase from the FARM store too.

The Ministry of Design and Plate have also come together to commemorate Singapore’s birthday by coming up with desig(n)ation series of tote bags that are inspired by the nation’s past and present. The bags kick-start Told on Tote, a project that raises funds for the Singapore Children’s Society by creating a limited-edition series of bags that are each hand-crafted with a design to express an idea or issue.

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