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Indie Magazines and Journals in SG

Some friends up north are putting together MEX, an exhibition of independent print magazines as part of the George Town Festival 2013. I ended up compiling a list of such publications in Singapore for them.

There’s a growing scene beyond the titles put out by media giants and localised international brands, I must say!

Singapore Architect (1966) by Singapore Institute of Architects
WERK (2000) by WORK
Kult (2009) by Kult
The Design Society Journal (2009) by The Design Society
Bracket (2010) by Anonymous

I-S Magazine (1995) by Asia City
JUICE (1998) by Catcha Media
Underscore (2009) by Hjgher
Terroir (2011) by Benjamin Koh
Encounters (2012) by Shin
Casual Days (2012) by Casual Poet
Ziggy (2012)
VULTURE (2012)

Ceriph (2010) by Ceriph
Cinematheque Quarterly (2012) by National Musem of Singapore
Galvant (2012) by Dilys Ng and Nathalia Kasman
ISSUE (2012) by the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore
Corridors (2013) by Michael Lee

BiblioAsia (2005) by National Library Board
beMuse (2007) by National Heritage Board

16/4 — to include The Design Society Journal and Singapore Architect.
18/4 — included VULTURE (Thanks Neville!)

Singapore Institute of Architects Journal in the ’80s

Singapore Architect has been published by the Singapore Institute of Architects since the 1960s and is one of the oldest architecture magazine in the region. It used to be called the SIAJ or Singapore Institute Architects Journal.

I flipped through its old issues a while back and was very captivated by the magazine’s covers. I decided to look through the archives in detail again, and here are even more gems that I discovered. These were the covers of magazines published between 1979-1981

I’m really curious who did these covers! Sounds like a story to chase.

After this phase of graphic covers, the magazine switched to photography on its covers, presumably because the technology allowed it to. It was only in 2008, when Kelley Cheng took over the magazine, did it start using graphic covers all over again. But, while the current graphic covers are a stylistic choice, I think these in the past were so because technology only offered these options!

Look What I Found!

I love books and magazines, not only as something to be read, but also how it looks and feels.

In Singapore, I love visiting the National Library at Bugis and the neighbouring Bras Brasah Complex to hunt for books, especially old ones forgotten with the passage of time.

I was recently looking through old issues of the Singapore Institute of Architect Journal, or what is known today as just Singapore Architect, when I chanced upon these avant garde covers from 1985. Wow!

And just today I was checking out Basheer Graphic Book’s month-long 20 per cent sale storewide when I found this gem: designer and critic Ken Garland’s A Word In Your Eye (1996).

Credit: ken garland & associates

This collection of his essays from 1960 till 1996 is out of print and no longer available for sale on Amazon or online used book webstore Alibris. So even though it was slightly worn and had a dog-ear on the bottom of the cover, I forked out $50 for the last copy —  another book to add to the home I am building out of them…