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[FEATURED] Drawing From The Past


SINGAPORE’S TRANSFORMATION from a small fishing village to a modern city today can be seen through its architecture – from the kampong houses of old to today’s gleaming skyscrapers.

What’s less obvious is that our history can also be seen in other ways, from old school matchbox designs to…

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‘Wellness is Everywhere Now. Is it Healthy?

The saying goes that ‘health is wealth’, but today it may be more appropriate to say ‘wellness is wealth’. According to the Global Wellness Institute — an industry-funded non-profit foundation — there is a US$3.7 trillion wellness industry that spans from beauty products to organic food and workplace design. There is a growing awareness of the need to maintain a lifestyle that will help you become healthy and stay that.

Design is increasingly seen as part of the solution to help people be proactive about their health. After all, it’s one thing to urge people to make healthier choices such as eating brown rice instead of white rice or walking 10,000 steps a day. It is ultimately more effective to create the conditions that will enable and encourage such ‘healthier’ behaviour.

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[FEATURED] He Searches for our Design Past in Junk Stores

This window display on “Constructing Singapore Design” featured various catalogues and publications from attempts to defined what “Singapore design” is.


Justin Zhuang has a little obsession with the past – our design past, specifically. The founder of the nascent Singapore Design Archives began collecting design objects and ephemera some years ago when he was commissioned to write a book on the history of graphic design in Singapore. He now continues to amass “treasures” found in second-hand book shops and junk stores, in his personal bid to tell a richer story of Singapore design history.

The Archives, a ground-up effort to document, research and present Singapore’s design history, are currently housed at the fifth floor of the National Design Centre. Justin shares why he is doing this, what he’s gained from it and how you could also contribute to the Archives.

 Dsg: What is the Singapore Design Archives?

Justin Zhuang (JZ): The Archives is a platform to document, research and present Singapore design histories. We put up a monthly window display of local design objects and ephemera at the DesignSingapore Associates Network* office located at the National Design Centre (#05-04). This can be viewed any time, but the public is also welcome to come in and take a closer look at the objects during our open houses. This happens every two Saturdays in a month (our website and Instagram have the latest schedule). In addition, visitors can also browse our growing collection of books and artefacts related to Singapore design. If you are researching about Singapore design, we are also happy to see if we have resources that are of use!

*The Archives is supported by the DesignSingapore Associates Network (DAN), a network of current and former DesignSingapore scholars, and the DesignSingapore Council (Dsg). Justin Zhuang is one of 54 members of the DAN.

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